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Sex trafficking, it's a nationwide issue, and happening right here in Nebraska. The FBI calls it modern day slavery.


Happening even in our tiny towns, they travel wherever the business takes them. Traffickers may advertise in North Platte, but they are going to travel to where the business is," Nielsen said.

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Interstate 80 acts as a pipeline, making it easy and profitable for traffickers to advertise in several areas along the interstate. It allows individuals not only in state to traffic easily, but also creates a network from state-to-state ," Nielsen said. Tactics to trap victims vary from being tricked and lured online, to force from a family member or friend. It can be plain force, it can be coercion or trickery, maybe they are told they are really pretty, and they have a modeling job for them.

Online is a good way for traffickers to recruit victims as well.

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They play into people's vulnerability, people's need of wanting to be accepted, or loved, and promise them the world, we call them pretenders," Nielsen said. All it takes is putting your trust in the wrong person for you to become a victim, and once trapped, the game changes. They don't where they are sometimes because they are just put into a vehicle and driven to a destination. Sometimes, they will be forced to use drugs and that way they are not in a sound mind. They will take them to their isolated areas where escape is virtually impossible for them," Roberts-Connick said.

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Advertisements are categorized under 'dating or escort services', and intraffickers use their own language to disclose details like age. We are out there proactively searching for criminal activity and coming up with a plan of how to approach that and put together a criminal case to prosecute," Elwood said. It's a money maker and they are looking for the market of where they are going to find buyers," Nielsen said. It doesn't just happen off the interstate, but at motels and parking lots too.

A billion dollar, money-making industry, that's hard to crack down, but now, a new statewide, and community based, push to combat sex trafficking.


A grant from the U. The funds created human trafficking task forces across the Cornhusker State. Nielsen is one of the specialists and covers 34 counties in Nebraska. The new community based initiative tries to reduce the demand and supply for commercial sex as well as offer victim services.

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It has members of the law enforcement community, members of my office, the legal capacity, anybody that you would need to help either recover and assist trafficking victims so they can be safe again and move forward with their lives, or the prosecution of it," Roberts-Connick said.

We can't see all violations, all the time.

We can't be everywhere all the time. A lot of the criminal cases we generate are from the assistance of the public calling in," Elwood said. Being aware of this type of activity, and knowing some of the red flags, can help to expose traffickers.

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If you have any suspicious, call. It might not be legit, but it just might be, and you do no harm by calling.

If it doesn't look right and feel right, call," Elwood said. If you are suspicious, take down a plateget a good description of the people, but do not approach them, they can be extremely dangerous.

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Prosecutions for these crimes can be difficult for a of reasons. Right now, Nebraska lawmakers are working to pass a bill that would raise penalties, increasing prison time for those who buy and sell commercial sex. All agencies and organizations involved trying to send a loud message to those purchasing and to traffickers.

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We will investigate and find the people responsible and make sure we do our best that they are held able and prosecuted," Elwood said. Please call the hotline below and ask to speak to a specialist in Nebraska if you:. HTI uses data science to collect, analyze and evaluate the scope of sex trafficking across the United States and to identify effective policy solutions.

The research initiative is directed by Crysta N. Back to School. Interactive Radar. Download the Weather App. Election .

National Map. Meet the Team. Service Directory. Submit Photos and Videos.

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Gray DC Bureau. Investigate TV. Latest Newscasts. Sex trafficking happening in Nebraska's backyard. By Chelsea Irizarry.

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Published: May. Share on Facebook. This Link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. So what's being done to tackle this widespread issue? To about sex trafficking, click to access the website for the Nebraska Attorney General's office.

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Multiple pursuits lead to arrest in Dawson County. The way of working out has changed at the Recreation Complex.

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Nebraska state penitentiary water shut-off a symptom of aging corrections facilities. Windy and cooler Wednesday; Decreasing clouds.

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Latest News. Sod Witch Trail. Blow me down Another windy day Thursday. Mandates and vaccines, sorting it all out. News 2 at Ten - VOD -operation-stand-up.

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